(Almost) No Dishes Required

Tuesday night for dinner I had onion rings and asparagus. That’s it.

And the asparagus only ended up on the plate because I felt guilty about not eating something green. But it’s all I could cobble together after a long day at work and a long day of being a mom. An afternoon of struggling with bath time, diapers, and pjs left me exhausted. I could not bear the thought of washing a couple (yes, just two) extra dishes for the pasta dinner I had planned.

It occurred to me I focus so much on what to feed my baby I forget about my eating habits. Every meal I make sure my baby has protein, fruit and veggies. So last night, I decided to take a page from my son’s eating habits. But I needed to make it easy… and as few dishes as possible.

I went to the store and bought:
*A rotisserie chicken (for the first time and not the last), cooked, warm and ready to go (no dishes required)
*Sweet potatoes, just popped it the oven (again no pots or pans)
*Then I cooked some rice (one pot to clean)
A healthy dinner that turned into a healthy lunch today and probably a couple more meals too.

But there will be many more dinners. I did a quick Google search that came up with thousands of hits and many more thousands of recipes. Overwhelming. But I did find a page on Pinterest – Easy dinners for busy moms:

It has great pictures, all in one spot, pulled from lots of different websites. A great resource!

Dinners are never easy for anyone. And being a mom can make it even more difficult. But in order for you to take care of a loved one, you need to take care of yourself. Asparagus and onion rings, while tasty, just won’t cut it.

If you have any tricks or ideas for simple meals – please share!

Jen Lynch

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Jen knows what’s it’s like to be up early and often! My day officially starts at 2:15 am so I can get to work to anchor Daybreak on CBS 13 News and Good Day Maine on FOX 23. But often my baby is really my alarm clock! Now I’m blogging about being a first time mom, working a crazy schedule, and finding a balance between work me and mom me.