Sleep when the toddler sleeps

This weekend I found myself rushing to take a nap every time my one year old took a nap. We try to have him nap twice a day and I cannot tell you how excited I am to have that time to myself and also that I allow myself to have that time.

When I was very pregnant last year people would always tell me – sleep when the baby sleeps.  I never could accomplish it.  He either wouldn’t sleep when I put him in his crib or when he did sleep, not in my arms, I rushed around the house cleaning, doing dishes, paying bills, etc. It’s what the Mayo Clinic suggests not to do. On its website about new parents getting enough sleep ( what’s number one? Sleep when your baby sleeps. Chores can wait. For me the chores couldn’t wait. When you’re home with your baby or a working mom there’s only so much waiting that can happen.

But now that he’s older and can entertain himself (for at least a little while) I can get most of the chores done when he’s awake. So I finally take the advice that was given to me when I was still pregnant… just a year later… Sleep when the toddler sleeps.

Jen Lynch

About Jen Lynch

Jen knows what’s it’s like to be up early and often! My day officially starts at 2:15 am so I can get to work to anchor Daybreak on CBS 13 News and Good Day Maine on FOX 23. But often my baby is really my alarm clock! Now I’m blogging about being a first time mom, working a crazy schedule, and finding a balance between work me and mom me.