Introducing Morning Mama

One of the top comments I get from viewers, friends and family – “I don’t know how you get up at 2:15 every morning.”  I don’t really have an answer – I just do.   It has never been easy but it was the hardest when I was pregnant and the first few months back from maternity leave.  But the day it wasn’t too hard to get up was the last day on-air before maternity leave and my official due date.  I was full of energy and excited for the baby to come.  The doctor warned me many first-borns are late so I was prepared to have some time to myself.  But my baby decided to be right on-time!  This is me the last day before my maternity leave.

Me on the last day before my maternity leave.

I guess technically I was in labor starting at 4:50 am – 10 minutes before I went on-air for four hours.  I knew something was different but work came first that morning….  However, I called my doctor as soon as I was off-air.  I left work and went to the hospital.

Baby Lynch arrived that evening, changing everything.  I couldn’t be more excited to be a mom and care for my little one.   I smile more and yawn a lot more too.  Days seem to be way too short.  When I come home from work in the late mornings, make-up comes off, dark washable clothes come on and I am a full-time mom.

I’ll be blogging about everything from nap time, sleep training, first birthday invitations, and sometimes how to just make it through the day!

Jen Lynch

About Jen Lynch

Jen knows what’s it’s like to be up early and often! My day officially starts at 2:15 am so I can get to work to anchor Daybreak on CBS 13 News and Good Day Maine on FOX 23. But often my baby is really my alarm clock! Now I’m blogging about being a first time mom, working a crazy schedule, and finding a balance between work me and mom me.